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13th-Dec-2014 09:13 am - The Season is upon us!
handcuffs by just_feen
I've been getting some decorating done. Got the exterior light up and need a few more things before the outside is complete. I'm about to pick up my tree today, if it stop raining.

And to those that requested cards, I am doing those on Sunday so you should see them next week!

If I haven't mentioned it, the Brat and her boyfriend have moved in here temporarily. They have had a hard time job wise and are just trying to get back on their feet. I expect that they will be here through February and by March will be good to go.

While its a not crowded, I am out of the habit of sharing my space so it is challenging for me to just let things be. But the very good thing is having them here for the Holidays.

How are yall doing out there? Any special plans?
9th-Dec-2014 08:46 pm - Holiday Cards
dear_santa by just _feen
If anyone would like a holiday card from me, please leave your full address in a (screened) comment.

I'm out here in the desert now and it is so not Christmassy so I look forward to buying winter wonderland cards for sharing. I will send internationally as well.

If I missed anyone's sign-ups, please leave me a link to it, so I can sign up. If you had my old address, I've moved so let me know.

Happy Holidays!
Team Angel VP Ritual Sacs
What a day!

There was a incident at work where we lost a customer and a lot of revenue with him. He was a serious pain but the bottom line is there was a failure on our end and my co-worker feels like our boss was being a certain kind of way toward her and she is not happy about their interaction.

I tried telling her that I dont think he feels like that at all but she is taking it into herself. I hope tomorrow she is in a better space. She is a great spirit and I dont want anything bad for her.

The the brat got laid off. she is in a funk now. I hope she finds something soon. she really likes making her own money and handling her life. And I dont particularly like grumpy!Brat sooo...

Better friends bday party is Saturday. I plan to have a lot of fun. We are expecting a wild bunch of folks. Can't wait.

I hope everyone's day has been awesome!
8th-Dec-2014 08:20 pm - Return of the Mack
Team Angel VP Ritual Sacs

So I've been missing LJ and the friends here. Life has been super busy though so it's hard to keep up. Also it seems like a lot of my fandom left. Like my old school Yahoo groups / Geocities folks. I know a few of you are still here so I'm hoping to catch you sometimes as I try to post more and read more.
Now. How are you doing out there?

Team Angel VP Ritual Sacs
A Christmas Slay
by FemailoftheSpecies (cafedemonde)
Pairing: Spike/Buffy
R Rating
Warnings: Beta'd my me so... Spoilers up to BtVS, S4 and AtS, S1. Adult themes and situations, evil vampiric acts of mischief, and general Hellmouthy fun.
Summary: What really happened after Willow's spell ended.
A/N - IWRY took place, but when the Powers reversed the day, they missed something. Something Blue occurred as well, but Spike and Buffy did more than snog.
Feedback is appreciated.

I seemed to remember you at my feet, idolizing, on many occasions...Collapse )
11th-Nov-2014 09:41 pm - SUPERNATURAL!
Team Angel VP Ritual Sacs
22nd-Jun-2014 11:43 am - Twelve Steps
Team Angel VP Ritual Sacs
Twelve Steps

Wrote this a long time ago. Adding it to my memories/tags.

Twelve StepsCollapse )
6th-Jun-2014 07:02 pm - Comicon is in my town!
Team Angel VP Ritual Sacs
Who is going?
6th-May-2014 08:50 pm - For Emmy
MTheart by wednesday_icons
An account has been created to help The family of Mary "Emmy" Pazour-Deleon. Because we all cannot be there in person to offer our support, this is wonderful way to help them through this tragedy. Please click on The Link to donate. No amount is too small.
22nd-Mar-2014 10:39 pm - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Team Angel VP Ritual Sacs
Happy Birthday to my long-time partner in fic claudia6913! Hope you had a day full of fun and nice presents!
12th-Mar-2014 10:16 am - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Team Angel VP Ritual Sacs
HAPPY BIRTHDAY spikesjojo!!
11th-Mar-2014 09:43 am(no subject)
Team Angel VP Ritual Sacs
Thanks for all the Birthday wishes! And thanks to of_too_minds_ for the yummy cupcake! I am low-carbing it these days so that is perfect :-)
17th-Jan-2014 11:12 pm - 12 Characters meme
Team Angel VP Ritual Sacs
Saw this on dreamsofspike's journal. I haven't meme'd in forever!

So write down any 12 characters, any fandoms, in numbered order. Don't look at the questions under the cut until you have your 12 characters. Then, answer the questions and put your answers under a cut and post to your journal. :)

Here's my 12 characters:

1. Angel
2. Spike
3. Willow Rosenberg
4. Damon Salvatore
5. Elijah Mikaelson
6. Wesley Wyndham Pryce
7. Cordelia Chase
8. Illyria
9. Niklaus Mikaelson
10. Faith Lehane
11. Lilah Morgan
12.Captain Jack Harkness

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14th-Jan-2014 07:53 pm - Birthday Wishes
Team Angel VP Ritual Sacs
Happy Birthday to scratchingpost1! I hope it has been amazing and full of fun!
14th-Jan-2014 05:14 pm - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Team Angel VP Ritual Sacs
Wishing a very happy birthday to Gabrielle! I hope you enjoy your day and every moment fills you with joy!
11th-Jan-2014 10:31 pm - my inbox
Team Angel VP Ritual Sacs
I am just recently seeing that people send me messages to my LJ inbox and I never see them. Sometimes for a year it seems so, I just want folks to know, I am not ignoring you!

Sorry for delayed or no responses.

I will see about turning on email notification so I know when a message is there.

How's everyone doing?
1st-Jan-2014 09:44 pm - Its that time
Team Angel VP Ritual Sacs
When we toss out the old and bring in the new. I hope you all are having a wonderful New Year!
1st-Jan-2014 09:43 pm - Jonesing for some Spike and Angel?
Team Angel VP Ritual Sacs
Hope on over to rekindlespangel and check out some of the great Spangel inspired work!
28th-Dec-2013 06:59 pm - Got Away - Chapter 10, Spike/Lilah
lilah by catatonic1424
I know it's been forever so if you need a refresher, please check out Chapters 1-9

Unbeta'd (well, beta'd by me, but that's only so good, ya know?) so let me know if I made a big goof or something.

Comments are seriously welcome!

A quickie. I hope you like.

Got Away
by FemailoftheSpecies aka cafedemonde
Summary: If it isn't the one that got away. Or is it?
Previous Parts

Part 10Collapse )
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